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Hi-Tech Metals was created in May 2005 with a desire to offer a service that “traditional” production shops were lacking.  We went in with a simple view to surround ourselves with the best equipment available, to hire the best people possible and to give ourselves the best chance of succeeding.

The Hi-Tech team is made up of 28 outstanding people (including Edan and Michelle of course!) who all have the necessary talents and experience to help Hi-Tech Metals achieve success.  Without these hard-working and fun individuals, we wouldn’t have been able to grow to what we are today!

Managing Directors
Edan & Michelle Newell

Quotes and Pricing
John Miller
Matt Croskery

Sales ; Purchasing ; Production
Rob Hyde
Tony Mann
Zane O’Connor

Design and Nesting
Jeff Watkinson
Scott Johnston
James Patuwairua

Office Administration and Accounts
Christine Brown
Carol George

Laser Operators
Piyush Mistry
George Lolotai
Jason Beaumont
Cain Wilkes
Ivan Fiamalu

Pressbrake Operators
Mika Maliefulu
Ken Pure
Rex Salima
Afa Wesche
Brad Higgins

Welding, Assembly, Factory
Joe Singcho
Jagadish Patel
Salesa Toomalatai
Mana Whaiapu

Stores and Delivery
Josh Hapi
Clive Brown