Amada FOL-3015AJ

FOL-3015AJ Fiber Laser

The new fibre technology is here!

The Amada FOL3015AJ simply redefines laser cutting in the modern era.

It most certainly sets a new level of quality and speed for solid state lasers with proven results showing it to have the fastest cutting speeds and superior cutting quality over other “Fiber” laser cutting machines, with simultaneous speeds of up to 340 metres/minute and cutting speeds on thin aluminium of over 100 metres/minute.

Amada has engineered the FOL-AJ to produce the highest quality parts at unmatched speed while reducing operating costs and environmental waste. This innovative machine is the world’s first 4 KW production fiber laser specifically designed for cutting and it delivers the world’s fastest linear speed.

The benefits of fiber laser technology are:

  • faster cutting of thin material (well over 3 times that of a comparable 4 KW CO2 laser)
  • superior speed and edge quality in material thicknesses up to 22mm compared to other solid-state lasers


Check out its operating speeds in the video below:

Another huge advantage is the Fiber’s ability to cut copper (up to 8mm), titanium, brass and other such metals that CO2 lasers could not process effectively.  The FOL Fiber is also capable of etching aluminum, which has not been practical with older machines.

Having all three axes driven by high speed linear drive motors allows for higher levels of speed and accuracy that make it the fastest 10×5 fiber laser available on the market.

A large number of innovations have been achieved with the FOL Fiber. Some include:

  • reduced assist-gas costs eliminating the expensive laser mix gases
  • less power required to run the machine
  • removal of optical mirrors and the need for expensive alignment processes
  • lower over-all maintenance cost
  • all of this coupled with the increase in speed (sometimes over three times the speed over conventional machines) has an overall lower per part cost


Amada have also taken control of the development of the fiber oscillator and it is the world’s first 4KW fiber laser.   This has ensured that they are leading this cutting edge process.

Truth be told, after all of the research into the best fiber laser for us, there was only one option and that was to continue to purchase the best and we believe we have done this with the Amada FOL fiber laser.

While the FOL Fiber can cut up to 22mm plate, it is in the thin or “sheetmetal” range that Hi-Tech Metals will be utilising this state-of-the-art machine for.  We believe the 4-5mm range and below will show its countless benefits.