Laser Cutting

Why do Hi-Tech Metals no longer have CO2 laser cutters?

Less than 2% of flatbed laser machines produced now are CO2 and as such we have aligned ourselves with this new philosophy. We believe the benefits of fiber technology now outweigh the old school logic that you must have a CO2 in your line-up.

The fiber technology benefits are:

  • faster pierce times
  • superior cut quality in detailed parts
  • superior speed over CO2 lasers
  • reduced assist-gas costs eliminating the expensive laser mix gases
  • less power required to run the machine
  • removal of optical mirrors and the need for expensive alignment processes
  • lower over-all maintenance cost
  • nitrogen cutting of mild steel up to 16mm gives better edge quality by removing the mill scale edge, improving powdercoat adhesions and improving weld quality
  • all of this coupled with the increase in speed (sometimes over three times the speed of CO2 machines) has an overall lower per part cost

Our cutting capabilities (with a maximum sheet size of 3048mm x 1524mm) are:

Mild steel up to 25mm
Aluminium up to 25mm
Stainless Steel up to 25mm
Brass up to 12mm
Copper up to 6mm

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