Press brakes

The HDS series of press brakes are quite simply the best.

Hi-Tech is proud to be the first company in New Zealand to introduce the HDS series pressbrake. The HDS is one of the fastest and most accurate pressbrake available in the world.

It’s accuracy and performance has been enhanced by adding Amada’s new “CS” style hydraulic clamping system which locks the tooling automatically in place. These clamps enable Hi-Tech to offer the fastest possible set-ups to get your jobs completed accurately and without delay.

The controller is linked directly to the office which provides easy transfer of data between the machine and the AP100 programming software. This enables complicated parts to be stored and then reused with ease which will eliminate any unnecessary delays for repeat runs, or basic components can be programmed at the controller and without delay.

2009 started with an upgrade to the latest Amada bending software. We can now offer advanced 3D modelling of parts which will allow greater efficiencies for prototype parts and development.

The dual hydraulic cylinders provide the ultimate in flexibility for multi-stage bending. Programmable tilting rams and crowning gives a superior accuracy of +/-0.2 degree angular accuracy and a dimensional accuracy of +/- 0.1mm along the entire fold (an accurate blank required).

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